Kamis, 20 November 2014

Aim High!

Men are asleep: then after they die, they awake
- Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him


Well, it has been a hectic month here, and i am being apparently very busy now. Yes, i am still an IRK student with no side-job, nothing changes from me save the responsibilities which i held on my shoulders now.

Being a second year student and aiming for finishing the study as soon as possible, i found my motivation decreases drastically sometimes. I don't even know what the reason behind. I wake up every morning, completely aware that i have three classes every day, but i'm just like... maybe i should get more sleep (even when i have slept for 7-8 hours the night before). Can someone tell me why does this happen to me? Hmm, at this point, i think that this is due to age problem. Once, a wise man said, "study while you are young". I couldn't disagree on him.